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Cancun Shopping

Cancun Shopping

Cancun shopping is excellent. In Cancun, you will find a buffet of boutiques, shops, and malls. You can find everything and anything from the simple to the most discriminating items. Just follow the menu and select just the right place to fit your desires.

The Cancun area offers excellent shopping. Most stores are conveniently located in several highly modern and attractive shopping centers. Gold and silver jewelry, fashionable resortwear and imported perfumes are among the resort's best buys for Cancun shopping.

Shopping in Cancun will probably be a very interesting experience. There are thousands of stores, thousands of things to buy and thousands of different prices. You can go to markets to barter for mexican handcrafts, or look in american style malls for things from italian clothing to smoking houses to Senor Frogs wear.

While Cancun shopping expect to bargain in the markets; but stores usually have fixed prices. If you can pay cash, you may get the 15% sales tax taken off at shops that don't want to pay the high credit-card commissions.

Cancun shopping hours generally are weekdays 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm. But many stores choose to stay open during the siesta hours from 2pm - 4pm. On Saturdays, many shops only open for the morning. On Sunday, some open for the morning until 1pm. Shops in the malls tend to be open weekdays from 10am to 8pm.

You'll find Cozumel's main shopping area in downtown. The waterfront along Avenida Rafael Melgar and the side streets around the plaza offer more than 150 shops. Cancun shopping Mondays tend to be extremely crowded since cruise ships usually dock that day. Word of warning: Do not buy black coral since it is an endangered species and illegal to bring back home.

Cancun Shopping Centers and Shopping Stores

Flamingo Plaza
Variety of International Restaurants & Boutiques Cancun shopping
Pat O' Brien's, Outback Steakhouse & Planet Hollywood
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5 * Tel: (98) 83-2855 * Fax. 83-2954

Kukulcan Plaza
Cancun's largest Shopping Mall with 300 Shops
Contains Movie Theaters, a Bowling Alley & Restaurants
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 13 * Tel: (98) 85-2200

Plaza Forum by the Sea
Exclusive International Shops Cancun shopping
Dining & Dancing Including the Hardrock Cafe
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 9 * Tel: (98) 83-4425

Clothing Miro
Plaza Maya Fair, Phone: 883-3825
This shop sells clothing and more Cancun shopping !

Sunglass Island
Flamingo Plaza, Kukulcan Plaza, Phone: 883-0283 & 883-0282
Check out the great selection of shades at their many locations.

Fama Magazines and Souvenirs Cancun shopping
Kukulcan Plaza
Beachwear, books, C.D's, cassettes, magazines and souvenirs.

La Fiesta
Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 9; Phone:(9) 883-2116
Huge selection of unique arts, crafts, jewelry, clothing and gifts.

Senior Frog's Official Store
Kukulcan Plaza and Plaza Caracal; Phone:(9) 885-0485
Casual wear, t-shirts, souvenirs and other fun stuff! All credit cards accepted.

Ultra Femme
Plaza Maya Fair Cancun shopping
Perfume, jewelry and other object women adore.

Diamonds International
Forum by the Sea, Phone: 883-4493 or (800) 515-3935
Large diamond selection to accommodate any budget. All stones GIA certified. Diamonds set within the hour.

Maraf Jewelry
Kukulcan Plaza Cancun shopping, Phone: 885-0390 &
Plaza Caroc, Phone: 883-0759
Large selection of fine jewelry and precious stones, duty and tax-free.

Cancun Shopping

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