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There are 3 different terminals in Cancun Airport you might land at depending on where you are flying into Cancun from.

Flying from any city within Mexico, then you have already cleared customs so all you need to do is pick up your bags and you are off! The other two terminals are for international flights. One is for all the charter flights and the other is for all the regular airlines. In both case you clear customs in Cancun Airport. The first step is to line up and go through the immigration line. Here is where you get your "tourist visa" stamped. It is a small form you fill up during your flight. You are required to present this tourist visa when you exit Mexico so keep it with your return flight tickets. Once that is done, you head to the baggage claim area, find you bags and proceed to customs Cancun Airport. You might have heard of the "red light / green light" customs button. Mexican customs randomly selects tourist to check their bags. Every family will need to press this button and if you get the red light, your bags will be searched. If you get a green light, you are good to go.

Now, inside the Cancun Airport terminal you will see MANY people trying to help you. They will be at "information" booths. EVERY ONE of these booths inside the airport terminal is a timeshare person. They will tell you anything to get you to take a timeshare sales presentation. If you are not interested in a timeshare presentation do not even stop to talk to these guys.

cancun airport

How to get to your hotel? Many packages to Cancun have airport transfers included so you will need to find the transfer company. In all cases they are holding up a sign of their company so you will need to look for them. If you DO NOT have no transfers included then you can A) take a public shuttle van at $9 per person one-way. These vans wait until they are full, load you in and take you to the hotel zone area. The van will stop and drop off people along the way until they get to your hotel (they are NO taxi stands at the airport). Option B) Private car/van service. Private means just that. Your party will be the only ones in the vehicle. Once you depart the Cancun Airport terminal a driver will be holding a sign with your name on it. Once you find each other the driver will escort you to the vehicle and take too directly to your resort. The cost depends on the number of people you have.

Cancun Airport Mexico

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